Transaction Amount1 Supermarket Cash Coupons1
HK$5,000 – HK$10,000 HK$400
HK$10,001 or above HK$600
Hot Picks

New iPad Air (10.9-inch)
Suggested Retail Price: HK$5,999

Discounted Price: HK$5,399

Monthly repayment3
as low as HK$464

New MacBook Air (13.3-inch)
Suggested Retail Price: HK$7,799

Discounted Price: HK$6,899

Monthly repayment3
as low as HK$593

Pictures, product prices and product information are reference only.
  1. This promotion starts from 29 January 2021 to 31 March 2021 (both dates inclusive) (“Promotion Period”). During the Promotion Period, customers (“Customers”) are eligible to enjoy designated supermarket cash coupons (“Cash Coupon”) if they use the mobile application of HKT Flexi (“HKT Flexi App”) to apply for the “HKT Flexi 12-month Installment Plan” and draw down a loan (“Flexi Installment Loan”) offered by HKT Flexi Limited (“HKT Flexi”) to pay for a product purchased on the website of HKT education ( (“Designated Channel”) operated by HKT Education Limited (“HKT Education”) with a total amount (not less than HK$5,000) in a single transaction (“Transaction Amount”) on a sales memo.
  2. Students who aged 18 or above and have successfully registered via the Designated Channel with a valid student identity card.
  3. The monthly repayment is calculated based on the 12-month loan tenor and the annualized percentage rate of 5.58%, and rounded to the nearest Hong Kong dollar. The monthly repayment is for indicative purpose only. For illustrative purpose only, the applicable actual interest rate will be determined based on your application on a case by case basis.
For terms and conditions, please click here for more details.
How to pay with HKT Flexi
Step 1: Register HKT Flexi
  • 1
    Download HKT Flexi App on your smartphone
  • 2
    Register your mobile number and email
  • 3
    Scan HKID and complete facial recognition
  • 4
    Fill in personal information
  • 5
    Set up bank account for monthly auto repayment
  • 6
    Upload address proof (if necessary)
  • 7
    Instant result of account registration

Note: Only HK residents aged 18-65 are eligible to apply for HKT Flexi.

Step 2: Pay with HKT Flexi
  • 1
    Login to HKT Flexi
  • 2
    Go to the shopping site and select HKT Flexi to check out
  • 3
    aUsing smartphone: Click “Launch HKT Flexi NOW” and follow the instructions from the App
  • bUsing computer: Open “QR scanner” in HKT Flexi Mobile App and scan the QR code shown on shopping site
  • 4
    Review and confirm the details of installment plan
  • 5
    Instant application result!

Note: In order to successfully pay with HKT Flexi, please make sure your Flexi account status is not “Under Verification”.

About HKT Flexi

Established in Hong Kong, HKT Flexi is a mobile financing platform powered by HKT Flexi Limited, a member of HKT Group, to integrate financial services into customer’s daily life.

We aim to provide a new transparent, simple, and convenient means of payments for our users; to ultimately enable more flexibility with their cash flow. When you make a purchase with any of the selected HKT online and offline channels, you will be able to choose “HKT Flexi” to pay for your goods and services by installments!


To enjoy the online shopping offer, download and register HKT Flexi NOW !

Installment Calculator

Principal Amount
HKD  0
HKD  0
Monthly Flat Rate*
0 months
12 months

Monthly Repayment Amount*

HKD 0/ 0 months
* Monthly repayment is calculated using annualized percentage rate of 0% - 22.99%. The monthly repayment amount and monthly flat rates are for reference only. The approval of loan is subject to the final and absolute discretion of HKT Flexi.
1. Who is eligible to apply for HKT Flexi?
HKT Flexi welcomes all Hong Kong residents aged 18 – 65.
2. Are students eligible to apply for HKT Flexi?
Students who aged 18 or above and have successfully registered via the Designated Channel with a valid student identity card are welcome to apply.
3. How to check whether my HKT Flexi account status is “Under verification”?
You will know your application result instantly. You can also login to HKT Flexi Mobile App, and open the side menu. If “Under Verification” is shown under your name, your account status is pending, otherwise, your account is active and ready to apply for “HKT Flexi 12-month Installment Plan”.
4. Why is my account “Under Verification”?
We may need some extra time to process your application on a case-by-case basis. We will let you know the result in-app or via email as soon as possible.
5. How to open the “QR Scanner” in HKT Flexi Mobile App?
You can login to HKT Flexi Mobile App, and click the side menu at the top left-hand corner, then you will see the “QR Scanner”placed under “Home”.
6. What to do when the QR code expired?
Each QR code is valid for only 15 minutes. If it expired, please follow the steps at shopping site to repurchase.
7. Can I apply for more than one loan installment plan?
It is possible to have more than one loan installment plan with HKT Flexi. We will evaluate each loan installment application on a case-by-case basis.
8. Why is my loan intallment application unsucessful?
We will evaluate your application based on your credit report from a credit reference agency, as well as make reference to your credit behavior and the data you have provided during the loan application process.
9. Other enquiries
For more enquiries, please visit our website : Or you can contact us at 2888 2258 (Open hours from 9:30am to 11:00pm, Monday to Sunday) or send your enquiries to our email: for support.